Here it finally is! We have many customers and friends who have been storing their bikes with us over the years. Some have bought new bikes, others have hung up their helmets, and some have shipped over second and third bikes. Whatever the reason, to satisfy the requests of our customers we have provided this forum for you to possibly find or sell a bike, or maybe some equipment you can use on your next trip.
I am not acting as a seller or a buyer, but providing an extra service to our customers so that they can sell or buy what they have or are looking for. Any transactions will be between the buyer and the seller; and following this the responsibility of accurately representing what is being sold and the satisfaction of the buyer is strictly between them. Gladly, I am here to help put you in contact with each other, where I can to give you advice about registration or paperwork, when possible to give you an opinion of what is being sold, and to provide a convenient place of transaction so that you don't have the added worry about arranging to transport a bike from one place to another - the bike/goods being sold will already be here in our storage facility and will be kept here until you arrive to ride it on your vacation. The only cost of using this service is a voluntary shared commission of 3% from the buyer and 3% from the seller of the listed price.
If you would like to sell your motorcycle or equipment, then please send me an an email with all the pertinent information - the more information the better for others to read. (Please only list items for sale which are located in Europe. One of the goals of offering this service is to satisfy the requests of clients who are looking for motorcycles already on this side of the ocean.) Of course if you have any photos, please include them as well. If your bike is already here in our storage facility and you don't have any recent photos, then let me know if you would like some pictures included and I will do my amateurish best to take some snapshots for you!
If you would like to buy anything that is listed for sale, then please contact the person directly if they have given their contact details. I will do my best to put you in touch with the seller or when time permits, I will try to answer questions you might have about the bike if it is here.
Buy...Sell...Trade KNOPF Motorradreisen
 Everything for your Rental and Shipping Needs
1998 BMW K1200 RS 
76 000 KM or 47 000 Miles 
Bike is in good condition 
It comes with good tires, a Corbin seat and sidecases.
Bike will be sold with a German title and it will be sold that way so you can use the bike in Germany and Europe.
The bike is located in Heidelberg at my place (Stefan’s).
Price is 3 500 Euros or 4 500 US dollars or 4 900 Canadian dollars. 
Storage fee per month is 30 US Dollars if you choose to store it here.
Insurance and motor vehicle taxes are about 290 Euros per year.
If you have any question please contact Stefan knopf 
Want to Sell... Want To Trade...
Want to Buy...
I’m looking for someone interested in riding in the USA or New Zealand.
The FJR is a 2005 with 25,000 miles and is kept in San Diego, California. The R1200RT is a 2006 with 60,000 miles and is kept in New Zealand. Both bikes run great and are serviced each year prior to road trips.
If you have a touring bike equivalent to either of the below bikes I’d like to discuss the possibility of us trading for a one month ride. I’m hoping to tour in Europe preferably mid August to mid September 2015 but I am flexible. Bike must be capable of two up riding and have panniers and top box. The trade does not have to simultaneous.
Riding season in the USA is similar to Europe. Riding season in New Zealand is best December thru March.
I am a mature, experienced rider. Please email me if you are interested or you need more information. My contact info is:
John Kerr
1984 Honda V65 Magna
1100cc, 35,000 miles
Ready for inexpensive touring, tires are good.
Right side plastic cover missing, new battery.
Overall condition is good and mostly original shape.
Small plastic locking side bags.
Top trunk is medium size with rack for attaching gear.
A collectors classic, it’s fast and dependable.
asking $1,000.00 or best offer
contact Andy at 412 638 4267
2006 BMW R1200GS
Millage: 34223 miles
Description to come shortly.
A beautiful bike with low mileage.
What’s the price? It’s coming soon.
2007 R1200GS Adventure
Side and top cases
79,882 Miles 
Price 11000 Dollar US
All services have been completed and well maintained.
Kontact: Stefan Knopf at